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"What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today." -William Glasser

I don't trust the conservative media!

Neptune was my CB handle ( Ch. 33 - 27.335 MHz & Ch.19 - 27.185 MHz) back in the 80's in Marshalltown, Iowa
(Neptune Ch.19 27.185 MHz Ackley,IA)

Some of my fav CB radio operators from the 80's in Marshalltown:

Duckman, He used to raise ducks when he was kid on the farm. First time I talked to him he was using a mobile mag mount on a sheet of metal. He later moved up to a Smokey Joe Webber Grill. And his wife was LandLady I was a groomsman at their wedding. They have 3 kids now and live in Fort Dodge, Ia

BassPro (Thousand Island Base) He would key up and talk for what seemed hours befor he would let off the key. Sometimes he would fall asleep with the mic keyed up! LOL. He was from Green Mountain, IA but later he moved to Marshalltown. He is now a silent key.

The Moon riser (Later Moon Scout) He was into Astronomy, and the Paranormal. I can still hear the Duckman ask him if it's true that the Moon is made out of cheese. lol Moon riser is a silent key.

The Lamp Lighter, He loved to shoot skip on SSB and not always on authorized freq's. :-) Helped him adjust his cubical quad one time. He is a silent key.

Sheba & Thunder, Sheba always had a bottle of pop ready when you went over visit. And if you was a trucker back then she probably helped you to get to where you was going. She was always asking the truckers over for a cup of coffee. Thunder was into growing cactus. I've helped a few times bringing them in before winter started. Thunder may be a silent Key by now.

The Silver Fox (We sure do need them railroads). Went out to eat a few times with him. Think he's a silent Key.

Swap Rat (Hello Hello Hello, is there anybody out there?), He was a Mormon missionary and he used a radio with a back of set antenna. I played chess on and off the air with him. and corresponded via letter with him for along time. Last I knew he had 4 kids.

Mountain Man This guy was into religion. Went over to his house a few times. He had a licensed to have his own church. It was called The Church Of The God Of Non-Violent Thought. He never did tell me if he had any members. Also worked with his wife. When I worked at the dime store in Marshalltown. Was told one time when he got on the CB you could hear him over the PA in the neighborhood grocery store.

Lot's of others: OneWay, Spankey Luck13, TWA, Bad Bob.......

I'll add to this as I remember stuff.

Ackley, IA 50601

Listing Of Links On This page does not equal endorsement.

Great News Sites

Iowa Starting Line
One Iowa
IOWA Radio On The Go News
Little Village
Iowa Storm Chase Network
Blog For Iowa
Marshalltown Bobcats
Radio Iowa
Iowa Public Radio
Breaking News From NPR
Democracy Now!
Newser Headline News
Pocket Trending
Pocket Must Reads
Politicus usa
Addicting Info
Mother Jones
The David Pakman Show
Media Matters for America
News Releases - Iowa Senate Dem.
Daily Kos
FAIR, Federation For American Immigration Reform
Immigration Reform Blog
Astronomy Magazine
Universe Today

Life Time Line

Just How I Feel Inside Most Of The Time.
".... the agony of my soul found vent in one loud, long and final scream of despair" --POE

"I may be smiling and laughing on the outside but i'm dying on the inside" -?

"The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do." -Anonymous

Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia
Avoidant Personality Disorder
The negative social, physical and mental health effects of childhood bullying are still evident nearly 40 years later
Through The Cracks Ministries

From 78 to 88 my life not worth talking about it sucked for the most part.(unemployment,part time jobs, Dropping out of college) In 88 moved from Marshalltown, Ia (my hometown) to Eldora, IA where I found a job working for a plastics company. Work for this place for about 3 years. Then move on to work for a junk mail company for almost five years. And then they closed the department I was working in. Lived in Eldora for about 12 years than moved to Ackley, IA where I had a job as tester & service tech in electronics (I loved working for this place). But after about five year it closed down. Then ended up working for a plastics company in North Central Iowa. But after about five years was let go. Because of political reasons. And now all its been is temp. jobs and unemployment. When I'm given a chance to work I've been doing it. As long as I don't have to climb and they can handle me not being a good speller and dealing with people. Also things have been made harder now because the bank repo my car. So kind of stuck in this little town. Only had about $400.00 left on the car and it had like 207,000 miles on it. (1995). When the bank took it from me.

I'm still single and still love most of the things I liked back in High School. Like music from the 70′s & been getting into Classical Music, electronics, I'm also into scanner listening. Use to do alot of SWLing (Shortwave Listening) but none at all now. (Mostly because the computers around here interfere with the radios). Also in enjoy computers using Linux, I'm a tech class ham radio op. but don't do much of that at all. like watching movies on dvd. But don't care for over the air TV much at all. Also have a very hard time getting enough sleep (guess its from thinking about crap all the time) but do manage to get cat naps. I'm kind of a loner & don't care to much about going places where there are lots of people. But do like people who can make me smile. I suffer a great inner turmoil about the way my life has gone so far. I just don't enjoy doing a lot of the things I use to love. Seem like I got this whats the point attitude about life.

Sometimes we say yes and commit ourselves to doing something that we really don't want or need to be doing. We take it on just to keep other people happy. We really need to be careful in this area and make sure that our mouth is not saying yes when our heart is saying no.
--Joyce Meyer 

“While conservatism and self-protection might be likened to winter, night and death, the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize ideals evokes images of spring, morning and birth. --Daisaku Ikeda

Sci-Fi & Science books (etext), Twitter, Scanner Listening, Stereo Hi-Fi, Listening to music, People who can make me smile, Disco & dance pop music, Electronics


Apple Computer, a lot of hype & overpriced!
Immigrants and Illegal Aliens that don't want to adapt to US culture
Loud mouth people that for the most part are full of sh*t!
Most televangelists and the people that blindly follow them
American products made in Mexico & China
Cult PragerU - Conservative propaganda BS
Discover Card, It don't pay to Discover! If your dealing with hard times, this is the worst company to deal with.
Green Belt Bank & Trust of Iowa Falls,
EPI (Injection Molding) in Eldora, Ia, Where butt kissing and being related to the managers will get you everything.
Most of the time giving up on myself & hurting inside
The American education system can let young people down. Just like how I got screwed by Marshalltown community school district. Marshalltown, Iowa


Stone Age Record Player :-)

Use link below to see what I've been listening too


Type Music I Like

Soft Rock
70′s Rock & Pop
70′s Disco
Dance Mix
Easy Listening

The Moffatts, Joshua Bell, Aaron Carter, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, The All-Amrican Rejects, America, The Archies, Backstreet Boys, Bee Gees, Captain & Tennille, Carpenters, Charlie Rich, Cher, Clay Aiken, The Cowsills, Creed, Dorsey, Elton John, Extreme, The 5th Dimension, The Foundations, Linda Ronstadt, Hanson, Hoobastank, Incubus, Jackson Browne, Jamiroquai, Jigsaw, KC & The Sunshine Band, Neil Sedaka, NSYNC, Pansy Division, The Temptations, Tommy James, Tommy Roe, Will Smith, The Youngbloods, 98 degrees, The Zombies.



Iowa Department of Human Services
My Healthcare Assessment
Ackley Post Office
Ackley Medical Center
Iowa Safe Schools
Iowa Public Radio
Radio On The Go
Radio Iowa, Iowa's News Network
Iowa Democratic Party
Times-Republican Marshalltown


Iowa Public Radio News (Right Click And Save As to open file with your own player)
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Iowa Public Radio Studio One (Right Click And Save As to open file with your own player)
YourClassical Daily Download RSS Feed
The David Pakman Show
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes
Open Minds UFO Radio
Linux In The Ham Shack
Amateur Radio Newsline
The SolderSmoke Podcast Archive
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The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast
Big Picture Science
Astronomy Cast
The Jodcast - astronomy podcast
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Byron Lee's The Fun Zone
Brad's Bargain Counter Radio Network
BlackStone The Magic Detective - OTR
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The Black Museum - Single Episodes
Orson Welles - Mercury Theater - 1938 recordings RKO Orson Welles - The Shadow
Lights Out
Inner Sanctum Mysteries
The Hermits Cave

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Flash files (.swf) prompts for download instead of opening
Learning bash scripting for beginners

Ebooks (Mostly Sci-Fi)

feedbooks: Science Fiction
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How to Spell
How to Use To, Too and Two Correctly
How Do You Use To, Too, and Two?
How Do You Use There, They're, and Their?
How to Use You're and Your
How to Use 'Lay' and 'Lie'
Grammarly How to Use 'Lay' and 'Lie'
World Of Math Online
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How to Count Out Change
How to count back change


Constipation In Adults
The Perfect Pee
The Benefits of Liquid Diets

Christian Links

Through The Cracks Ministries
Through The Bible With Les Feldick
Easy English Bible - with Studies and Commentaries
The Bible Outline: an online summary of each Book of the Bible

My Computer Info:

FAIR USE NOTICE: This page may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. This constitutes a 'fair use ' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is distributed without profit.

Ackley, IA 50601

Replace the xclock with a calender using xterm in JWM using Lubuntu 11.04, 12.04, PeppermintOS Two & Three

Have a 3 day calender in a terminal pop-up when you click the clock on the panel in JWM (Joe Window Manager) using Lubuntu, PeppermintOS etc. The default in JWM is to have an analog xclock pop-up when you click the panel clock. To change to the to the terminal calender (Using the cal program). This info assumes you have a copy of jwmrc in your home directory and renamed it .jwmrc and are using the pcman file manager.

Using pcmanfm set it to view hidden files. Now look for the .jwmrc file in your home directory. Right click on the file and open it with leafpad or gedit. Now locate the line containing:
<Clock format="%H:%M">xclock</Clock>
And changed this line to read as:
<Clock format="%I:%M:%S %p">xterm -e "cal -3 ; bash"</Clock> .
This will also changed the panel clock to 12Hr format. If you still want to keep 24hr change %I to %H and delete the %p. Also delete :%S if you don't want to see the seconds. Ok, that should do it. now save the file and closed the text editor. In the JWM pop-up menu click Restart or log out and log back in. So now when you click on the clock in the panel a terminal window should come up with a 3 month calendar.

See Screen Shot Click link Below:

You can also replace: xterm -e "cal -3 ; bash" with most any calender program like OSMO. Then your new line would look like this:
<Clock format="%I:%M:%S %p">osmo</Clock> .

If you don't have the jwmrc file in home. You can right click copy it from /etc/jwm and then right click past into your home and rename it .jwmrc

Watching Videos On Older Computer

I had an old 600 Mhz machine with 384 Meg of ram. And viewing movies was not always the best (choppy Video etc). But if you launch mplayer with out a GUI at the command line. It may eliminate most if not all of this.

mplayer "name of movie file"

Press f toggle full screen.

You can also assign the video file type to mplayer (for click on file launching). But you don't want it to launch with the mplayer GUI. If you need a gui for mplayer try using gnome-mplayer or smplayer. And Uninstall the mplayer GUI.
This all seems to work great for me.